Partner Organizations of Blue Equinox Oasis in Metropolitan Detroit

Blue Equinox Oasis wishes to recognize and thank its partner organizations in the Metropolitan Detroit area.


Pagan Pathways Temple is our chief partner in the advancement of religious diversity and freedom in the Metropolitan Detroit area, and has hosted our public performances of the Gnostic Mass and our public classes since January of 2016 E.V.. 

The Temple was founded with the express goal of ensuring that no follower of pagan and earth-based spiritual traditions would be without a home.  Blue Equinox Oasis and Pagan Pathways Temple share a common belief in our Constitutional right to freedom of religious practice and the freedom of speech, among other common goals and values. Pagan Pathways has further established a non-denominational stance which allows it to host and support events from a wide variety of religious traditions, including Thelemic events such as the Gnostic Mass. 

Blue Equinox Oasis is proud to be partnered with Pagan Pathways Temple, and fully support the work done there on behalf of religious freedom and the Metropolitan Detroit pagan community. We urge our members and visitors alike to investigate their website, and participate in any of the events and classes offered there, in accordance with will.

Pagan Pathways Temple is present on Facebook, and their homepage is  http://www.paganpathwaystemple.org/. Please click here to be routed there.