Treasury & Local Dues Policy

Blue Equinox Oasis has to cover costs and expenses just like any other fraternal or religious organization. At this time, we have no permanent home for the Oasis, so we are organized around using spaces which can be borrowed, rented, and donated. Our permanent equipment, portable mass gear, and all the other equipment necessary to the operation of the Oasis is kept in a storage unit that we rent. Our rituals, masses, and other events all incur expenses of various kinds.

The bottom line is that as a volunteer organization, the survival and normal functioning of the Oasis is contingent on the receipt of membership dues, which we designate “local dues”. Those, along with monies collected from donations and sales of items like the Blue Equinox Journal, enable us to meet our expenses and fulfill our mission.

Please note that monthly local dues are separate and distinct from annual dues paid to Grand Lodge (commonly called “national dues”). Thus, members of the Order of the first degree and higher pay two sets of dues: local dues, to support the local body, and national dues, to support the Order as a whole.

Therefore, it is the policy of the Oasis that: all members of the first degree and above shall pay monthly local dues, in addition to any national dues payable to Grand Lodge (see “National vs. Local Dues”, below). “Dues Currency”—that is, having one’s local dues or national dues up to date—is required for attendance at some functions, which are noted on our calendar.  Our guests are welcome to donate what they wish to support our work, if it is their will to do so, but our hospitality is not contingent on such activity.

Local dues are currently set at $15 per month and are payable on the 25th day of each month for the month following. Thus, dues for May would be due on April 25th. Payment should be made via Paypal to treasurer@blueequinox.org; you may also make your dues payment through the E-Store on this site

Local dues rates and policy are reviewed on a regular basis by the body and may be subject to change. Any changes in local dues rates or policies will be posted on this site with reasonable notice before implementation.

Questions about local dues rates and policies may be directed to the Treasurer

For information about annual membership dues payable to the U.S. Grand Lodge, please visit the Treasury section of the U.S. Grand Lodge website

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